There has never been found any conclusive proof that “Bigfoot” exists, no found skeletons, droppings, nesting places.  But that has not stopped anyone from making a profit off it.  People have written books, made documentaries, written articles, etc. We have also all seen t-shirts and other knickknacks bearing an image that is supposed to be bigfoot As a child they even introduced “Bigfoot” as a character in the “Six Million Dollar Man”.

I was then reading in the “Wall Street Journal” that serious scientist are spending time “Bigfooting”.  Bigfooting is just sitting and waiting and listening in the woods waiting to discover your prey.

The company is officially named Bigfoot Project Investments Inc., and it is what’s known on Wall Street as a “pink sheets” firm has a value that surpassed $10 billion in value in 2016, in its filings with the SEC, Bigfoot says it is in the entertainment industry. It says it develops documentaries, sells DVDs, and exhibitions of Bigfoot-related materials. The company says it has a burn rate of $25,000 per year and revenue of only $5,440 per year. But it hopes that new DVD sales will increase revenue.

The company is now worthless. Bigfoot remains a big deal.

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