We are available to make presentations on a variety of topics to your business or organization.


Starting a Business

A general overview of what is involved in starting a business.

Basis – Internal and External

A review of what Basis is how it is created and its importance for tax purposes.

Business Plans

Pros and Cons of having one and what to include if you do one.

The Art of Budgeting

Make your budgets reflect your goals and the market.

Internal Control

Internal control presentations can range from 1 to 8 hours of CPE. These presentations focus on using internal control in both large and small companies to safeguard assets, provide reliable financial data, and promote operational efficiencies.


Auditing presentations can range from 1 to 16 hours of CPE.  These presentations focus on the SAS’s, risk assessment, testing, assertions, and interviewing skills.  They can be tailored to your practice.


These presentations can be tailored to your practice.  Presentations focus on how we make decisions, independence, and the Code of Professional Conduct..


These presentations cover the economic environment, demographics, budgeting, and political considerations.  They cover how to survive the present economy and be of added value to your clients.


This presentation looks at the way different generations can work together.  The keys are how to hire, train, evaluate, motivate, and retain good people of all ages.


These presentations focus on the ideas of prevention, detection, and response to fraud.  Particular attention is paid to SAS 99, interviewing, and the fraud diamond.

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