Leif Jensen and Associates provides Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, and Consulting services for businesses and individuals.  See below for a full description of our services.

Consulting and Management Advisory Services

Assistance in achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. Make the best decisions to move your business forward with confidence. This can be done through Management Information; Cost Systems and Controls; Financial Analysis; Systems Design and Implementation; Business Valuations; Operational Audits or just assistance in the loan process.


Tax Reporting and Strategy Services

Our tax reporting and strategy practice offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services to help your company to exceed its goals.  Allowing us to assist clients in taking a closer look at their key assets, including people, processes, data and technology; combining these insights and innovation with business and industry knowledge.


Accounting Advisory Services

We provide credentialed trusted advisors for accounting, financial reporting and support across our Accounting Advisory service line, whether it is in-house or outsourced to our offices.


Bookkeeping Services

To assist clients we provide outsourced Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, invoicing and reconciliation services; specialized to each client’s individual needs.


Payroll Services

We provide payroll for small businesses on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis, including the processing of payroll tax payments to the government entities.


Virtual CFO Services
We provide outsourced services; offering high skill assistance in maintaining financial requirements for the client’s organization.  This alleviates the client’s company of maintaining a full time employee, but realizes the full benefits of a CFO.


Strategic Business Plan Services

We provide assistance in achieving your objectives by assisting in the preparation and monitoring of your business plan at all levels. The preparation of the written plan is not the end of the planning process; the implementation and monitoring is the ultimate goal.

Attest Services

We provide attest functions to clients based upon their needs or requests from banks, funders, Board of Directors or governmental agencies.


Incorporation Services

Assistance for start-ups in understanding the implications of their decisions at the early stages of their business. We facilitate in the determination of which business structure would benefit you best to meet your goals, and then assist in the processing of the necessary paperwork.


Registered Agent

We can serve as a registered agent for your company.  That would make us the designated entity who will receive all official notifications, including notice of lawsuits and state taxes due. We would also handle the filing of the annual reports for your entity.

Our service assures you remain in good standing with the state, and alleviates the burden of monitoring legislative updates to avoid potential penalties and interest.


Personal Accountant
At Leif Jensen and Associates, Ltd. we have been asked to provide assistance with maintaining the household finances.  Not everyone has the times, desire and skill set necessary to maintain their ongoing finances.

So now one of the services that we now provide is personal accountant for individuals and families.  We take over the difficulties and annoyance of maintaining your finances.

All personal bills are sent to our office where we will prepare the checks and maintain your personal cash flow.  Bank accounts will be reconciled monthly and personal financial statements and statements of net worth are available as needed.


Personal Financial Management
We at Leif Jensen and Associates, Ltd, recognize that financial information and counseling is needed to help individuals and families, not just businesses or business owners.

Whatever the purpose, whether it is for a divorce, bank loan, retirement/estate planning or just getting a better grasp on your personal financial position.  We can facilitate.

We also assist in finding solutions for those experiencing a financial crisis, including suggestions and guidance for those facing money challenges, and practical information for those considering financial opportunities. We strive to assist our clients achieve their financial goals.

We can assist in coordination with financial advisor to make the most of your money on a moving forward basis.



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