My guess is that you use a single bank for checking and savings, maybe even your credit card.  While this may be a way of simplifying your life, it also ties you to the whims of that bank.  Suchas their hours and levels of customer service.

Granted with my businesses my banking needs are greater than when I was a wage slave.  During my time as an employee, we had a checking, savings and HELOC all with a single bank.

I now have accounts with four banks, I have an issue with one bank I move the account to another.  The bank where my HELOC was at when it was time to renew, had an idiot in charge, she never once responded to a call I made. Then I found out the renewal lapsed due to an internal time limit.  I moved it to another bank, and it was complete within 2 weeks versus starting over after three months.  At a comparable rate.

That poor employee cost the bank roughly $5,000 to $7,000 annually.  I have moved commercial loans over rates and terms.

If you are only looking down at a single tunnel, you don’t know what you are missing.  Granted time is precious, but research is easier than ever.  Most is online and is at your fingertips. Check out for what you bank may not be offering you.

I also have three credit cards; they all offer me cash back on purchases.  I never liked the airline points, I like cash.


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