Certified Specialist in Estate Planning (CSEP)

CSEPWe at Leif Jensen and Associates understand that the future is an uncertain timeframe to plan for.  CPAs continue to become more intimately involved in their client’s personal financial affairs, allowing us to authoritatively advise clients on the growing complexity of estate planning matters, especially with a tax emphasis, as no other advisor is capable.

Because of the growing complexity and frequent changes in the tax law, there is a greater need for additional specialized training and resources that are critical to meeting the goals and needs of the client.

With this in mind, Leif Jensen has completed the Certified Specialist in Estate Planning® (CSEP) designation and has been a member of the ICPAS – Estate, Gift and Trust Tax Committee.

This allows us to provide additional specialization to further assist clients with estate and trust planning matters, with the intent of minimizing the tax liability.

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