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Jumpstarting a start-up, if you are going to start a business, you need to commit.

Over the years I have had clients, or would be clients who are interested in starting a business. The have the idea and the belief. But seem to talk themselves out of it. Believing that it is too expensive, or not worth the risk.

I believe if you are going to do it, then do it! Jump in and splash around. Make it fun for yourself and keep to your plan and goals. My regrets are of things I didn’t do, not those I have done.

I was reading a recent article on the INC. website, the article started that the cost of starting a new business was $31,150 10 years ago. According to the following study:


But now, things can be done better, faster and cheaper. It just takes some hustle and drive.

I have one client that is writing off their final losses from one of their start-ups. They had a great business, good foundation, great reviews and a reasonable breakeven threshold. But this was a family business and the key family member, the one running the business was not reliable enough to keep the business going.

All businesses may not work, but those who do succeed usually didn’t do it on their first try.

So I say take the risk. Pursue your dreams. If you succeed great, if you fail, it’s a tax write-off.

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