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I was reading the WSJ online and saw another article that looked interesting so I went down the rabbit hole.  I eventually stumbled into someone’s blog.  This blog had some interesting points on brand marketing.

Their idea was to leverage today’s marketing channels to create a single and solid personal brand.

The idea is then when people meet someone at an event and look you up online; your brand is cohesive unlike what may exist currently.

The tips were as follows:

  • Set up your profile. Head shots, completed profiles and links to your contact info and website, they stressed that this is imperative on LinkedIn. So they believe LinkedIn in a cornerstone.
  • Update Your Look. Invest in updating your website, flyer, brochure, and head shot if something drastic has changed or it’s been more than 5 years. Basically does your picture actually look like you? I have seen business cards with pictures that look like HS Yearbook phots and they person n in their late 40’s.
  • Be You. Authentically. Merge your personal brand and business brand together into a seamless brand. Basically by being the best version of you online. Leave rants, taunts, and impolite behavior for your family- not online.  Here they focus on Facebook.
  • Write something. The beauty of online content is that you can edit it. Take the leap and write an article, blog, or a post or two about your business. It gets easier over time.

I can get behind these things, mainly because this is what I actually do.  We just updated the group photo and headshots for our website and marketing materials.  The trip into the rabbit hole was worth it, if to do nothing but ensure that I am doing what others believe is correct.

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