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There are those who believe in renting and those who believe in owning.  As a business owner, I fall into the owning category, or at least indirectly.

I am currently working with a couple of clients who have been in business for decades and they wish they had purchased their buildings in the past.  One has been in the same location for more than two decades, if they bought the building, they would be looking at a mortgage burning ceremony in the not too distant future.  At present they are just looking at more rent payments in the coming years.

I find that a number of companies who believe that they will only rent for a short time fall into the trap of inertia.  If the issue of moving to a purchased building is brought up they start looking at the costs to move, the trouble to pack everything up and the horror of looking for new space. So, nothing gets done.

But there are those with the vison, passion and ability to overcome inertia to venture forth and buy a building.  One of my clients is looking at doing just this.  Others move and buy out of plain necessity.  While others make the decision to just stay put and rent.

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