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I have peers that in their desire to be more efficient have streamlined their processes so much that there is no longer any contact with the client on a face to face basis.  All of it is electronically done.

The clients have either granted access to their data or submit it.  The firm does the prescribed work, and then uploads it for the client to access.  Payment is done on the website with a credit card.

I joke with my clients that I prefer to go to their office to meet.  My pontificating from my cave has little benefit, other than not needing to get in my car and move.  My going to their places allows me to look over operations from my perspective.  This has had value in the past, I have made various recommendations that have been implemented to great benefit.

I feel that an antiseptic relationship with a client will devolve it to a commodity level.  There has to be value and that value needs to be real and measurable to so level.

A balance needs to be struck, giving the client ease of access to providing data and then receiving data back.  But there needs to be the face to face interactions to ensure that the client is getting value and sharing any relevant changes to the business, goals or strategic plan. 

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