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When you start your business, the physical location of that business can get complicated. I know from experience.

When I started my business, it was physically located in my basement.  It was impossible to see clients in my home.  For one I could not legally meet clients in my home because of zoning, not to mention the toddlers.  Starbucks’ were out of the question, because who wants to share personal information in a very public space.  So, I eventually secured my office.

But I do have clients who love working from home and their business thrive.  Others secure meeting spaces in other’s offices for special meetings. Some clients have used my office when needed.

The home is the default location for many start-up businesses, or their garages depending on the type of business.  Where would you start your business?  Where would you interview clients? What type of facilities do you need?  Would the space be dedicated?

There are many questions and those answers may have financial savings or consequences.  For more information give us a call.

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