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I was on a webinar recently and one of the slides showed that a mere 1% of “things” that could be connected to the internet currently are.

So apparently “we” are not moving as fast as originally anticipated in embracing the “IOT”.  But the presentation did state that there would be 50 billion things connected to the internet by 2020.  This is including sensors and radio frequency identification chips.

I for one am not interested in buying yet another refrigerator unless I am forced to by need rather than want.  I have little interest in a refrigerator that will order eggs or milk for me just because we are running low.  In life, I run on the general principal that we need at least one more gallon of milk always.  Which is an improvement from when I was buying them 12 at a time when the kids were growing up.  Yes I was buying 12 gallons of milk at a time once a week.

What is also interesting is that once things get moving that it is expected that within 35 days of a new technology that it will reach a critical mass of 50 million users.

I am not sure that I believe the numbers quoted above, but it will make things interesting moving forward.  Especially if people are required to buy new appliances just to embrace the technology.  I can’t see many rushing to spend the money just for the potential.  I think most will wait until they need to purchase new appliances and then will make the decision to move forward or stay in the past.  At least as long as the non-IOT supplies last.

I still lose calls in my home on my cell phone, and I have trouble getting a wi-fi signal on the second floor, so I am uncertain how faster will help with that.

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