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I was just reading that lockdowns may have to be put back on the table for those states that reopened too fast and have epic levels of new coronavirus.  There is even concerns that Illinois’s numbers are going in the wrong direction as well.  Just not as fast, but we have had less protests lately, which I think is a cause in the spikes.

Congress is planning on a new wave of financial stimulus including another $1,200 per.  As of this writing they are not close, and the Democrats refuse to pass a bill with just the sections they agree upon.

We truly need a comprehensive federal plan instead of the willy-nilly state plans.  Dr Murphy on WGN stated that is everyone wore masks and followed true social distancing we would be done with the virus with 6 weeks.

If we did something like this, we could be like Hong King who has total cases in the single digits.  But we are all think we know better and the rules don’t apply to us.  So, we stagger with the problem, with no solution in sight.

I don’t think the vaccines are the cure-all we are envisioning, we may actually need multiple shots on a monthly basis since our systems lose the immunity within weeks, based on studies of those who have had the virus.

We are living in a new world and we need to get used to it.

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