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Clients are always a bit surprised when I ask them about their marketing plan and their client and product pipeline.  This is usually because they have neglected this aspect of their business.  They have been spending their time “in” their business and not “on” their business. 

As a small business owner, I know that feeling well as I sit here typing this blog entry on a Saturday afternoon in my office. Finding the time to work “on” the business is easily procrastinated, especially if you are busy daily “in” the business.

I outlined my marketing plan in November and December, at the moment; I still have not run it past any of my BOA or staff.  It is currently classified as a state secret, to be seen by none. I actually just haven’t had the time to schedule the meetings with the BOA members who will be seeing the updated report for their review before for implementation.

I have my plan broken into passive marketing and active marketing at the moment. The passive includes the blog, the newsletters, case studies and the RSS feed that sends them to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google +. I also have in the plan to get a couple of articles published; I neglected this aspect in 2018 and should not in 2019.

Under active I have measurables for the amount of networking meetings to attend along with the requirement that I come away with one positive interaction from each event.  By positive, I mean someone possibly for the networking group I am developing, an actual potential client or a possible center of influence to drive clients to me.  One BOA member wants me to restart doing presentations again.

What do you have on your “marketing plan”? 

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