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I have a client that has stalled sales and has stalled their rebranding.

I have encouraged them to follow their Board’s recommendation and rebrand the company, it has been a few decades since the last rebranding, or was it the creation of the company?

When the company decided to go forward, I outlined a rough plan for them to jumpstart their marketing and sales processes:

  • Create a new logo
  • New business cards, where all employees have the same design
  • New website, the existing has decades old photos and an early 2000’s look and feel
  • Start Social media – it may not be a driving factor in their industry, but have ease of access to potential clients via all venues should be available
  • Constant Contact (CC)– current they do an e-mail blast with no data to analyze
  • Trade shows they will attend multiple this year, they need measurables and names to add to the Constant Contact listing
  • Follow ups – with the CC analytics they can then identify the opens and clicks for follow-up
  • With the appropriate follow-up; prospects are a potential
  • Some of these prospects can become actual sales
  • With the rebranding there can be the consistent message send through all marketing channels
  • Networking, you can’t ignore networking in its multiple forms to also pull clients to the businessIt will be interesting to see how this all plays out for the client.

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