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There are those who believe that renting space makes more sense than purchasing business space.

There are those who believe in renting because of the concept of flexibility.  If they need to grow, they will just move to a larger space.  If they need to contract, they can move to a smaller space.

I met with one business who loved renting.  They had no lease with the owners but had been in the building for years.  They have occupied several offices within the building, moving to meet the needs of the owner, taking space in whichever corner that was not rented by a full paying tenant.

Because of this they rent cost were less than all of the other tenants in the building, but they seemed to literally be working out of boxes.

But a cautionary note to renters, the belief that you are immune to property tax increases is a fallacy, those rents and increases you are paying are covering the property taxes, mortgages and profit as well as all tax increases.  There needs to be a specific profit margin for the owner in the rents as well.  Nothing is free.  The costs have to be covered; otherwise the building will be foreclosed on and sold to another.

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