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We have Democrat Billionaire JB Pritzker officially spending more personal money than any other person in history to get himself appointed governor of Illinois ($161.5 million).  What will be his “return on investment”?  I for one do not believe that there is not a plan for getting something of great value for that money, beyond service for the betterment of society.  If that were true he would have been in office long ago. Based on the Blago tapes Pritzker seemingly is after power and money.

I have heard about plans for starting the Chicago River “Duck Boat Tours”. What else is lurking out there to make him richer?

In the past I have heard stories about Rauner, how he felt is that none of the other potential candidates would do as good a job as him, so he took on the role. This may or not be true, but we have not been made aware of him making personal money these last four years, but there has been no money to allow anything to occur as well.  So he is based on ego.

How did we get to this point that we have only two ‘billionaires” to choose from?  How did we get to the point that we only have negative attack ads and no understanding of where anyone stands on true issues?  But we also typically have less than 50% of registered voters going out actually vote. So I guess we are getting the government we deserve.  Only those with a stake go forth and vote.  Which would explain why roughly one third of all employment in this county is tied to a government agency, unless the internet is lying…

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