You know the more I investigate cyber security for my procedure manual the more I am thinking, most for those attempting to prove themselves experts, don’t know what they are doing.

A vast number of them seem to just spew buzz words that don’t say anything.  I include the following as an example.

A cloud security strategy includes cyber security solutions, controls, policies, and services that help to protect an organization’s entire cloud deployment (applications, data, infrastructure, etc.) against attack.

I read this and it really states nothing…  a security strategy includes cyber security solutions…

Solutions, controls and policies are needed for just about anything (exiting a room – grasp door handle, turn, pull or push as needed and leave room).  There should be specific examples of something… anything, the next paragraph does not go into solutions other than to hire them…

Be careful to whom you trust your system to, make sure you have adequate security as cost allow as well as insurance coverage in case of a breach and pray you never really need either.

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