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Words are the foundation of our means of communicating; our words and body language tell the story.   Words hold a power over us, so much so that one of my writer clients named their company “Words Create Change”, because they do and they have.

So with words being so important, why are so many of us horrible communicators?  My wife states that I am too blunt and how can I talk to my clients in such a fashion.  Most of my client appreciate my bluntness and go out of their way to ask my opinion because I will give them a truthful answer to any inquiry.  So many people are fearful of not being politically correct, that will out and out lie as opposed to the truth, so as to not hurt someone’s feeling even if the truth would spare a negatively impact their lives.

I was reading an article that addressed phrases that make people discount what you are saying:

  • “but”
  • “this might be stupid/silly”
  • “respectfully”
  • “I’m so busy”
  • “try”

I don’t know that I agree with the statement, but respectfully, maybe I am being silly to try since, I am so busy.

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