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Workers have been deemed to be in short supply now. The concern is now how can employers adapt as more people are approaching retirement age and eyeing the exits?

The recommendation is to act sooner rather than later. Start by talking to older workers.

Ask them when they plan to retire. Also, find out whether they’d like to stay part-time or as contractors, rather than retiring completely.

Officering flexible schedules may appeal too many who prefer to cut back gradually.

Remember that rules on benefit eligibility can get tricky with such arrangements. But that is the responsibility of the HR department or individual responsible.

Keep in touch with retired employees, they take valuable knowledge with them, that may be difficult to recreate.

More companies are starting retiree networks that give former workers a social bond with their old colleagues and give employers a way to invite experienced folks back in for special projects, training sessions, as a known talent pool they can tap into.

There is also the ability to tailor your benefits to appeal to an older crowd.

Good medical plans are important for many people ages 55 to 64. Generous retirement plan matching also appeals strongly to those near retirement.

Such perks can both keep existing workers and attract top-notch older applicants



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