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“Banks and credit unions have become so sophisticated in driving up overdrafts that Americans now pay more in overdraft fees every year than they do for books, cereal, or fresh vegetables,” according to the Center for Responsible Lending senior researcher Leslie Parrish.

According to the commercials and website earnin.com, they are “fightin” this unfairness in the financial system.  By moving personal finances back, a century or so, by allowing working stiffs to live day to day instead of paycheck to paycheck.

Their business model is not clear on their website, only stating that you pay the fees or “tips” that you feel are appropriate.  But reviews state that that unless you “tip” and “tip, well and often” you are downgraded or cut off from the service.

In a society where a $300 extra expenditure can wreak havoc on one’s personal finances, I don’t see how a daily paycheck loan is going to help you onto a course of financial stability.

A true financial education is needed in America and should be started at an early age.  People need to know how to budget, live within ones means and plan for the future.  I believe we can help you onto that path.

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