Did you know that 95% of breaches are due to human error?  I admit I was not surprised by this number.  What did surprise me was that 91% through e-mail, this was a bit of a shock.

MyDoom did $38.4 billion in damage, there are also 4 million records are stolen from breaches evert day.

68% of lost funds never recovered, so someone is paying for that. The average cyber-attack is over $4million in losses.

90% of Americans reuse passwords through banking and work sites (secure and unsecured).

143 million Americans, 58% of adults had social security and birthday information stolen in the Equifax breach.

30,000 websites globally compromised every day.  At one point my was under attack daily, until a limit was imposed on attempts.  This change alone chased them away.  It was no longer worth their time.

Your information is vulnerable, you must review your password protocols, for your business and personal use.  You should use double authentications where available.  But this can be easily compromised as well.

Put as many roadblocks as possible in the hacker’s way, such as error limits.

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