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U.S. National Debt has risen to a record high exceeding $22 Trillion. To make matter worse according to the Treasury Department data comes as tax revenue has fallen and federal spending continues to rise. The new debt level reflects a rise of more than $2 trillion from the day President Trump took office in 2017.

This despite us being in the second-longest economic expansion since the post–World War II boom, the U.S. is projected to rack up annual deficits and incur national debt at rates not seen since the 1940s, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

While this has occurred, the Democrats are campaigning to spend even more money to run up the deficit.  Medicare for all, monthly income for everyone over 17, rental tax credits, refundable dependent credits and student loan forgiveness.  All will increase the National Debt even further.

The plan is to tax the wealthy more, always a nebulous concept.  How are the wealthy being defined?  Elizabeth Warren has the plan to tax wealth itself, owning or having something can and probably will cost you money each and every year.

Jeff Bezos is worth $131.4 billion, Bill Gates is worth $100.3 Billion, Warren Buffet $82.6 Billion, these are the three wealthiest Americans, if the government confiscated of the totality of the wealth of the top 15 wealthiest American the deficit would remain at over $21 Trillion.

So how are the Democrats going to pay for all of these new benefits if implemented?

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