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I am always a sucker for an article that talks about side business, side hustles or ways to make extra money on the side.  Especially since I believe that most people should have multiple streams of income to support themselves, their kids’ education, and their retirement- or to just have a nest egg or reserve in case the bottom drops out.

I found two articles within a short period of time, and I was surprised at the ingenuity of the authors for ways to make extra money.  Some of the ideas were based on reality and feasible.  Others were outlandish and more likely to eat up time and money than to create an income stream.

Some of the more ludicrous ideas were:

Do voice over work – For videos, audiobooks or commercials.  Yes, people get paid to do this, but the market is not strong in the Chicago area.  I have to imagine that this is a hard business to break into and an agent would help.

Podcasting – Start a podcast, get an audience and sell advertising.  Not all podcasts are TED Talks, nor are most.

Design a tee – Design a tee shirt and sell it to collect royalties from vendors.

Teach and online class – Use your skills and knowledge and create an online course.  Load it on an education platform and wait for the bucks to roll in.

Become a web-site critic – Find someone to pay for your opinion about their website.  I have graphic designers contacting me constantly stating that my website is awful, and they will design a website that will get me on page one with SEO.  I am already there with the website they don’t approve of, but seemingly my clients do.

Sell your hair – This one is just odd.

Become a local tour guide – Another odd one.

Start a GoFundMe page – The new way to beg. This idea takes away from those pages that are for worthwhile endeavors.

Create a smartphone app – Yep, a very common skill set.

Some of these ideas can generate income, some not a chance. But of the practical ones I question the feasibility for most people.

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