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We all have our own horror story for poor customer service. This one is mine.

I have been going to this place for years to pick up food.  There is an elderly woman who my whole family hates to deal with.  She is rude and condescending and slow in her actions.

This time, I preordered and when I got there, she could not get any of my credit cards to work. She told me to go get cash with my debt card.  I told her I don’t have a debt card, which I don’t.

I pulled out my backup hundred-dollar bill and she looks at it and accuses me of trying to pass a counterfeit bill. I told her then the bank is passing them out, so it should be fine.  She is holding it to the light and looking at it as if I drew the thing in crayon.

So, I told her fine give me my bill back and she can keep the pizza.  She looks at me as if I told her I was the devil and I came to possess her itty-bitty soul.

SO she reluctantly rings me up and away I went to find a new place to buy pizza.

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