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It’s the 4th of July weekend and all five of us are here for the annual barbeque. While my wife was thrilled to have us all together, it was interesting to see my boys all in their twenties playing video games together.

While this has been a common sight in years past, and they all play some games on their own today.  When they got together, they pulled out the old games and systems from when they were much younger. It seems that we are all instilled with a sense of nostalgia.

Their discussions also included how they have been tracking down old systems and games that they played over a decade before. It was amusing to listen to, it validated decisions we had made years ago with Christmas and birthday presents.  The seeking and searching were worth the travels in those pre-internet days.

But, while they are aware of “Pong” they are not looking for those systems. That is my nostalgia…

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