I know that for years, certain industries required a down payment before they would even think of starting work.  Typically, it was only certain industries and those with great up front expenditure requirements.

I was recently flabbergasted when I attempted to order a pizza from Giordano’s – that they would not start the pizza unless I paid upfront.  Now I only go to Giordano’s a couple of times a year, but I have never stiffed them.  I have been lied to by them on the ready time, where I have to find a place to stand in their cramped space while I wait another 20 minutes.

They have my phone number, my address and my order history readily available.  They know practically everything about me and my family.  So why the change in policy.

I got pissed, told them to go them I would go elsewhere and ordered Little Villa stuffed pizza, they did not make me pay in advance. They are just farther away.

To me it is a matter of service, they did not want to serve me the way I wanted to be served.  So, they lost a sale and maybe all my future sales as well.  It seems a bit short sighted to me.

I doubt their margins are that thin that if they get stuck with a non-pickup it was worth pissing off valued clients.  It always cost more to get a new client than to keep an old one happy.

Even Amazon does not charge my card until they ship my orders.

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