I am not fan of AI.  Yes, I watch to too many movies and TV Shows and my views on AI have been affected by them, I Robot; Terminator; Matrix; even Mr. Robot…

We humans are short sighted, greedy and narrow minded, tunnel visioned people with our own interests front and center always.

So I am a quandary on how I feel about Congress’s latest posturing

Chuck Schumer has introduced a sweeping proposal, which would require companies to allow independent experts to review and test AI ahead of a public release or update and give users access to those results. Schumer said he’s been working for months with major industry players to develop his

plan. He has released only a framework so far.

Can we trust Congress? Can we trust those who Congress hires?  What will their real agendas be?  Will this truly provide the necessary safeguards for humanity or just political posturing.

Others who urge(d) caution include:  Elon Musk. Steve Wozniak, Steven Hawkings.

Where the Pro AI think like this.

Yann LeCun, the head of Facebook/Meta’s AI team, recently published a paper describing his preferred approach to building machines that can “reason and plan” and “learn as efficiently as humans and animals.” He has argued in Scientific American that Turing, Good, and Hawking’s concerns are no real worry: “Why would a sentient AI want to take over the world? It wouldn’t.”

AT times we are too smart for our own good.

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