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Have you seen those cheesy Amazon commercial, where people are making all sorts of demands from an employer before they will deem to work for them?  We all know that there are people who just don’t want to work.

Well businesses have solutions to all of these people, automation.

Granted that most small firms are falling behind in this arena. Most can’t afford
to spend heavily on the latest software and hardware upgrades like their large rivals.

But automation, that was already coming on strong, was turbocharged by the pandemic
when workers couldn’t do their jobs or there simply weren’t enough of them.

Robots are proliferating in warehouses and on factory floors. New robots can do complicated tasks like load a truck or pack items for an e-commerce order.

Considering the enormous investment in IT that big firms are making.

At first, it was to set up remote work connections at the start of the pandemic. Now, it’s continuing as employers invest in labor-saving tech like artificial intelligence. AI is increasingly doing tasks once done by human workers; everything from approvals of loan applications to preventive maintenance checks on all sorts of equipment.

The obsolescence of some lower and higher skilled jobs is happening, and people don’t seem to be realizing it.

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