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What is needed right now, is a search engine.  Not another Google or Bing, a special search engine.

One that will daily gather the listings of all streaming services to identify where tv shows, specials and movies are playing on so we can find out which streaming service to go to for our viewing pleasure.

You want to watch a movie you go to this search engine and find you movie or show and then you go to the service to watch.  Or if they are smart click the link and send you to the service to enjoy your show.

Right now I have to do multiple searches, since I do not hub my services on a platform like Hulu or Prime.  It is a pain in the ass to see if and where I can watch a show or a movie.  Or to find out none of them have it.

We cut the cord last year and currently pay less for 10 streaming services that we were for Direct Tv, but still have trouble finding something to watch.

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