I was reading on the internet some stories presumably true that are amusing enough to share.  They do have that awful ring of truth to them.

Judging people’s characters for spending $2 bills is largely a thing of the past, but it can still be a tremendous hassle. Because people in positions of authority are often stupid, there are numerous recent incidents of arrests and police investigations that began when a citizen tried to use a legit $2 bill.

Recently, a lunch lady called the police on a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Texas (which is crazy in itself) because she tried to pay for her lunch with a $2 bill. After a thorough investigation into whether the girl was committing a felony, the cops learned the bill was, in fact, legal tender. And today I learned that lunch ladies in Texas use anti-counterfeiting technology to make sure no kids buy their shitty chicken nuggets with fake money.

It’s not just kids who have been targeted. An gentleman named Mike Bolesta, attempted to pay for a car stereo installation at Best Buy with a stack of $2 bills, wound up in trouble as well. The clerk called the cops, and the cops put Bolesta in jail and held him until the Secret Service could verify that $2 bills were indeed real.

These are just two incidents mentioned in The Two-Dollar Bill Documentary, if not the most serious.

What I’m saying is, I may think twice before I spend Gram’s gift.

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