This last tax season we picked up a new client that is running an e-commerce business similar to my own.  I have to admit that I was jealous.  They run theirs better than I do mine.

As business has picked up on the CPA side a couple of my side businesses have suffered, mainly from neglect.  For the e-commerce, I have picked up some new inventory but I have yet to add it, nor have a added other inventory that I already owned.

This last tax season, we were so busy, I was told to put the e-store on vacation with no sales possible, which I did for the month of March.

As I was reviewing this business with the owner, I told them how impressed I was with their operation and envious of the revenue, theirs exceeded mine by over 700%.  But they work at their regularly and include the family.

Mine is based solely on what I do and don’t do, and I have neglected it the past two years.  At that review, I made plans to jump start my business again once tax season ended.  Tax season is over and so far I have only written this post.

I have not added any new items, I have not reviewed my listing to ensure I can locate everything.  I have not organized my storage areas.  I have continued doing little to noting, other then send out the occasional sold items.

I may be envious, but apparently not enough to try closing the gap…

But, the CPA practice continues to grow and plans are in place for more growth. So I am probably better off spending the time where the time makes the greater impact.  Like blog posting, which help my Goggle algorithms that help being found on the search engine.

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