It probably took over a year to get my wife to finally agreed to cut the cord.  We were paying $160 a month for DirecTV. Once purchased by AT&T there was no discounts or flexibility with DirecTV unless you purchased their other products, which I did not need.  I called a couple of times and was offered not a thing.  They offered me a slight discount when I called to finally drop them.

Part of the compromise we signed up for a few more streaming services. So, we have Netflix, Hulu, Apple, CBS, Britbox, DC and HBO. Still far less than what we were paying, and HBO is covered by one of the kids.`

Another thing I did, for both of us was to get an antenna for the TV.  Yes, that brings us back to the 1970’s as far as TV is concerned, no DVR, if you miss it you missed it.  For some things.  But I can watch the football games on Fox with the antenna.  My wife can also exercise to WGN news in the morning as well.

For the little programming that we watched we can get most from Hulu the next day.  But we did get CBS All Access for the exclusive Star Trek episodes.  But we have all of CBS as well, so Sunday Morning and the football games are available as well.

The one thing we all miss is Jeopardy.  It was one thing that could involve the whole family.  Assuming that the kids were around when we watched it.  It was annoying to have them know most of the answers, when we didn’t.  It is amazing what they know, and what they don’t know…

But as an experiment, I think it is going well and there has been no remorse over the demise of DirecTV in our home.

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