Over the decades (yes, I’m old) I have seen a vast number of products and services degrade in quality and excellence over time.

One area in particular has been comic books from the two largest publishers.  The costs are higher than ever and the quality of the art and writing has degraded significantly recently.

Marvel feels their IP is so well liked that they hire the lowest quality of creative, as a cost savings method, and that they will still sell.  So long as they do 50 different covers for each issue.  Retailers stock to certain levels to get variants that will hopefully sell to cover the unsold volume they are accumulating.

DC keeps rebooting everything to grab that newest dollar in hopes of staying in business.

Both have shed staffing that interacted with retailers, while real sales are getting to levels unsustainable for the future.

The ebbs and flows over my life have made this an interesting subject to watch, I expected the books to become extinct years ago.

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