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The streaming service wars are showing how well run some of the parent companies are run. Looking at two of the newest services from a couple of the largest companies is a telling sign.  Looking at Disney and ATT.

Disney Plus shows that Disney’s parent is well run and effective. Granted Disney had no agreement with Amazon, at launch, but it quickly resolved to do so within the first week.  ATT’s HBOMax not so much, it has been over three months and still no deal.

Disney shows that they had more planning in place and it makes sense.

ATT has had false start no Amazon or Roku, over 50% of the streaming service cannot be viewed easily by the populous.  Also, it was rumored that ATT was looking at an early launch to gain market share during the Covid lockdown;  but if true it failed. Further rumors had it that ATT’s HBOMax almost did not make their launch date period.

But both services failed to meet launch expectations.  Disney did include their archived films or most of them. Disney still has not released all of their tv properties or movies to the streaming service, as it was believed.

HBOMax talked about the Warner library being available.  There is only a small amount of the old Warner library available, it looks more like an TCM monthly lineup versus the full catalog.  Also, items like the Harry Potter films are leaving the service for years after just a few short months.

But Disney CEO Bob Chapek in less than six months after succeeding longtime CEO Bob Iger  is using the Covid-19 crisis to transform Disney much faster than expected, all with an eye toward making the company an online juggernaut that reaches far more people worldwide.

The same cannot be said of HBOMax under ATT.  They need to get into more homes to get s real start, then maybe juggernaut status.

Personally I was looking at the HBOMax launch to really be something and was disappointed.  But my son is paying this bill, so I can only complain so much/

My wife surprising has found things to enjoy about Disney Plus.  Which is a surprise and makes it a bigger win for Disney.

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