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How easy is it to locate you on the internet?  I mean your contact information.  If you are an independent contractor is the only way to get a message to you through LinkedIn or Facebook?

I was reading an editorial in a business magazine where the publisher was expressing his frustration, he had an idea for an article and could not easily find the writer he was looking for and so hired another.  The lack of self-promotion and marketing caused one individual to lose out on money and a publishing opportunity.

The article stated that only 4% of people have personal website.  My guess is that most, if not all of those 4% are independent contractors making sure that they can be found by prospective clients.

I have been trying to get an answer to a question from an employee of a major corporation and I cannot locate any contact information on that person.  My only access has been on their contact form, which I consider a black hole or no response.

For myself I have my cell number on my card.  There really is no such thing as an accounting emergency, but people are comforted by the ability to call and get an answer to their question beyond traditional office hours. I try to make it easy to find me everywhere.

Again, how easy is it for someone to find you?  Should you be making it easier for people to do so?

As they say small and simple steps can truly help in the road to success.


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