With the planned proliferation of electric vehicles coming onto the market by the end of the decade, how are they all going to be charged?

Throughout the US we have electric grid reliability issues.

Adverse weather conditions in the central U.S. will be 1.7% higher this year than last, outpacing additions of new sources of electricity.

Drier-than-normal conditions in the western half of the U.S. Drought can create the conditions for wildfires, reduce output from hydroelectric plants and limit the water available to generators that rely on once-through cooling.

Even supply chain issues, especially in areas where the completion of new power plants and/or transmission lines is needed to ensure grid reliability during summer peak periods. Many such projects have been impacted by shortages of labor and components, as well as shipping delays and other supply chain issues. Areas most affected by this problem include Calif., Texas and parts of the Southwest.

This is before half the population starts plugging in their cars daily.  How is this going to work???

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