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What size footprint does your business have?  What size footprint should it have?  Let’s back it up a step or two.  Is your product a service or a consumable or a durable product?  I think these would have an impact on how wide a footprint you want or need in a physical sense.

As a CPA my product is a service, I am basically selling my time and my staff’s time.  Realistically our footprint is small the Northwest Chicago market, this is our target market.  For myself I believe the costs of multiple locations outweigh the potential benefits

If I were selling burgers or sandwiches, I would want a larger footprint possibly with multiple locations, because the margins tend to be smaller and the competition much heavier.  There is also a much larger target market, which you need for small margin items.  Here is where you need to make money on volume.

I have a client’s who manufacture products and ship thought the country and at least one throughout the world.  Their physical footprints are small, but their marketing and advertising is widespread.

We are working with one client who has been experiencing sales erosion to modify and expand their marketing and advertising to increase their footprint reach.

So, what size footprint do you have for your business?  Is it adequate?  Are you making money?

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