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I was listening to a webinar, and they were talking to Bombas, who manufacture socks.  Their pitch is, you buy a pair of socks and they give a pair to charity, so in essence you are doubling up on your costs.

Since socks are a commodity, the creators were discussing options for guerilla marketing campaigns options for physical person products.  The most intriguing idea was not a new one, but one I have never heard discussed as part of a more through campaign: Pop-up stands.

If you have ever been in a mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have seen the pop-up displays encroach on the open space in the malls.  They typically only have holiday items or quick gift ideas for those who have no idea what to get someone.

But to have it be part of the initial branding of the product was an intriguing concept.  Except that malls across America are dying.  So, it may be an intriguing concept, where would you have enough of an impact to sell enough product to cover the expenses.  Let alone make a profit.

I like the idea, for twenty years ago.  Not sure if it is plausible next year.  During COVID-19 is would be a complete waste of money…

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