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“Accountants suck at marketing for the same reason that makes them great accountants: They’re highly rational people”

-Blake Oliver

This is true, I can attest to this as a CPA running his own business.  I am much more comfortable talking to a client about their long range business plans or improving their business process or cycle than marketing my practice.

But what is more troubling then accountants being poor marketers, is talking to clients about their marketing or advertising plans, if there are any…

I have worked with clients as we analyze the numbers and see sales erosion and creeping fixed expenses putting pressure on their margins and bottom lines.  I then ask them what are they doing to bring in new clients, beyond word of mouth.  Only to find out that is the totality of their plans.  So I inform them that they need to conceive, develop and start working on their marketing plan.

I have helped clients claim their Google home page; we have reviewed and analyzed their websites and those of their competitors.  Made suggestions on how to start and run their social media.  I have even told a couple that they needed new logos and pointed them in the direction of starting to rebrand.

I have worked to develop measurable for trade shows for different personnel of the company.

It always seems strange that the CPA is assisting with the marketing and advertising of a client, but I have been on this long and bumpy road for a while.  Because of that I have seen the pitfalls and roadblocks and have ways around them.  When I started out, somebody had listed me as an insurance agent and that took years to fix everywhere.  I still get calls and mail for a Hank Lee, I have no idea who came up with that name.

Marketing can be done can be done even by those who are not equipped to do it.  I again am proof of that.  We help our clients in every way they wish us to assist them.

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