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I was at the ICPAS Summit this year and bounced in and out of a couple of seminars.  They had one on “Marketing your Practice” by Xero.  I was intrigued; I know that there is always room for improvement and I am willing to learn something new.  So I went.

Once they got started they talked about us breaking up into groups, I left and went to a different seminar.  I was not in the mood for a workshop, just ideas and knowledge.

But, I had downloaded all of the presentations so I had some idea of what was covered. Unfortunately it was nothing new…

The Agenda was as follows

  • Target your ideal client – create a profile of the client
  • Marketing goals – select marketing tactics
  • Digital presence – determine how to improve your digital presence
  • Events – use events to market your practice
  • Networking and referrals – use networking to build your practice

These were and are things that I do regularly.  I have select members of my Board of Advisors review my marketing materials regularly.  The one who helps with my newsletter is very critical about my writing and has had ne rewrite blog postings and makes recommendations on newsletter topics.

The presentation did go over disturbs or pain points for prospects.  As well as a marketing timeline, and emphasized the consistency of the brand across all entry points.

It probably was a good education for someone starting off, or has never started their process.  But for me it would not have been the best use of the time.

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