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There is now a old/new way to force new technology sales.

Is your phone more than a few years old? You may need to upgrade, fast. 3G is scheduled to be fully turned off next year, affecting millions of phones and owners who are happy with what they have.  Also other products are included in this farce: tablets, home security systems, medical devices, smartwatches, vehicle SOS services, etc.

The long-planned sunset of 3G will free up airwaves for 5G; your refrigerator needs the bandwidth.

The affected phones and products will lose connections, including the ability to dial 911.

AT&T will finish its 3G shutdown by Feb. 2022. T-Mobile will shut down Sprint’s 3G by Jan. 2022 and Sprint LTE by June 2022. (T-Mobile doesn’t have a shutdown date for its 2G and 3G networks.) For Verizon, 3G goes away by Dec. 2022. Other carriers, including prepaid services, are also affected, since they use airwaves from the Big Three. Some carriers are offering discounts or free upgrades to help consumers with the shift.

But the new sales are coming if not already in hand. Who does our government work for?  I have not been on a 3G device for a few years now.

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