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Overspending whether in business or home will only cause trouble.

I had a client who had a huge payday and literally spend all the proceeds, while paying no taxes They came to us with a huge, and I mean huge tax bill from both the IRS and Illinois. When I asked why did they not hold some money back from taxes; I they explained no one had told them to do so. Apparently, the tax fairy never visited them before.

They would not listen to any one or take responsibility for their own actions, so I had to fire them.

Other clients who tend to overspend have listened to us. I had a husband and wife working together ineffectively.  So, I suggest one get an outside job for medical and to cover the household expenses. That worked out reasonably well.

One client had moved into a location which I thought was awful and too expensive. That rent on a start-up really killed that business.

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