Do you have one password that you use for everything?

I have very unique passwords for the money sites, banks, credit cards, purchasing sites.

For the damn sites that I have to keep retyping on my TV for streaming services I try to keep short and sweet, TV typing is nearly as bad as typing on glass…

One security webinar I was on suggested a unique system.  But it would only work for those that do not expire every 30 days like my software packages.  He used a line form a song “1Isthelonliestnumber!”.

He then added a suffix of the site to the password “1Isthelonliestnumber!amazon”. for the password.  I can see this working well, except for banks, software and other sites that require redoing passwords frequently.

I have read of other similar systems, I utilize a few in place for the revolving passwords.

But for your company, passwords should be long, use special characters and have expiration dates for forced changes.

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