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I was meeting with a small business owner who had received their PPP funds.  But as with most things government related it was not completely welcome.

They had furloughed a number of workers because of the shutdown, But they had to bring back unnecessary employees based on their business to spend the PPP monies as they were intended.

It does not matter that Congress has changed the rules; this business was on their eighth week of spending.  The changes were too late to assist them.  Hell they were too late to assist most who received PPP funds in the first wave.  People were looking for the ways to make sure that the debt forgivable.  To be forgivable you had to follow the strict guidelines 75% on salary and 25% for rent/utilities, all in eight weeks.  There was not a lot of wiggle room.

Now that there is wiggle room, it only helps those who were not spending at the original limits and were going to miss the original time frame.

I look at it from the perspective that it may have garnered good will from the employee and the money should ultimately be free.  But the idea was to get money into the hands of employees not cover other expenses.  But some business owners needed assistance with both to survive.

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