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I have a couple of clients who furloughed their employees when the pandemic slammed their businesses into inactivity.  They restrategized, contacted old and existing clients, got some work and are recalling back the employees, now that business is pickup up a bit.

But they are having the problem where the employees do not want to come back, they are making more money with unemployment.  Why work harder for less being the mindset.

I have consulted them to contact the employee and let them know that their refusal to return when asked was a termination of the employer’s responsibility to the employee.  The employee would then not be eligible to return later.

I do not expect the job market will be as tight as it was before the virus.  I expect that with some employers and companies are no longer in existence.  I also believe that employers have reworked their workflow, due to the changes and less employees will be necessary moving forward.  I also expect companies to have reworked their needs for office space as well.  I expect the need for commercial properties to decrease for the immediate picture.

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