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Running a major sports team is an expensive endeavor.  Most teams are not bringing in the big bucks especially in smaller markets; fewer still are profitable.

Instead of following normal business protocols, reducing expenses they are looking at increasing revenue, U.S. and Canadian sports leagues are eyeing a potent moneymaker: Advertisements on team uniforms.

This is a common practice and has been for decades in international soccer and other sports.  But it has been slow on the uptake in North America.

But the prospect of tens of millions in sponsorship fees is getting too good to pass up. The NHL will allow teams to sell sponsorship patches on uniforms in the 2022-23 season, mimicking a policy adopted by the NBA four years ago.

Major League Baseball reportedly is considering ads on team uniforms. And though the NFL has been fairly quiet, similar ads are likely coming.

It is a sad day for US sports, our uniforms will look just like soccer shirts, no idea who is playing unless you know the sponsor…

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