I guess if you are a criminal looking to do evil, calling people on the national do not call list is only a minor offense.

It is astounding the details they have and don’t have on who they are calling.  I know several seniors in the family who have gotten the calls seemingly from grandchildren looking for bail money saying they have been arrested.  My mother-in-law and my wife’s two aunts have received these calls.

One enjoyed it immensely since she has no grandchildren, she played along just to frustrate the hell out of the callers.  I believe that she told them that they needed to be arrested and made-up fictitious crimes that they had perpetrated within the family and did not deserve to be bailed out.

Luckily none were taken in and no funds were paid out.  All stated that they were convincing actors and could see some taken in.

It is too easy to spoof phone numbers, robo callers do it all the time, regardless of the national do not call listing.

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