As someone whose home has been robbed and son attacked with a knife during the robbery, we have since taken special precautions to protect our home.

If I had used this little gadget or something similar, I would probably be hundreds of dollars richer.

The piece of scum had stolen cash, if this item was used and kept in the kitchen it never would have been found.

The scum was severely injured breaking into the house on the broken glass, but the local police did nothing.  They were given a lead, made a single phone call and never followed up.  One theory has it that the scum as the son of someone important and the police know them and have covered up the incident.  This incident never made the local paper; house burgled, returning family member attacked with a knife and bound, quite a story that was never reported on.

The police first tried to put the blame on my attacked son, before I shut that down.  Then they went with it was a black guy.  This in spite of my attacked son stating that he was white.  Thus the cover-up belief.

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