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Your business is back up and running.  Your revenue and profits are down significantly from last year. The prospects are not looking good for a strong 4th quarter.

What we are doing is solidifying our foundation.  Making sure we touch all of our existing clients, seeing what we can do to assist them in this time of turbulence.

We are also looking to make sure they are current on all filings and are gearing up to file their PPP forgiveness paperwork.

But prospecting and marketing for new clients remains passive, left to newsletters and blog postings on social media.

A decision was made to step back away from the local Chamber, the virtual networking events don’t cut it in my mind.  To really connect there has to be a face to face meeting to truly get a read on the person. Once they start up again, we will rejoin.

But beyond some planning and strategizing and breaks we do not have our next steps planned.  Do you and your business have

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