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I was reading an article the noted three items that are the biggest time sucks to a small business owners:

  • E-mail
  • Television
  • Social Media

I really don’t agree with the list or the reasons given in the article.

E-mails are important to my business.  I use them as a solid communication tool with my customers, staff and network.  Yes, I get hundreds of bullshit e-mails, but I don’t rush to answer e-mails if I am working on project or meeting with a client, I work on the project and meet with the client.  When I review e-mails, I delete the crap and then focus on the relevant e-mails.  I personally like to get answers to my question in writing so I have back-up for my work and records.  Which makes e-mails a better tool than a phone call, with no records other than my scribbled notes?

Television, a lot of the shows on tv are better than the movies currently playing in the theaters and are better than those I grew up with.  I also get to watch the movies that I didn’t get a chance to see in the theaters.  Television also is a window that allows me to find a common ground with clients of all ages.  I have millennial clients that give me shows or movies to watch and I give them shows or movie to watch.  It helps both parties strengthen the relationship.

The article stated that the time should better used in reading, family time or sleeping.  I get 8 hours a night in sleep and I an often reading a book with the tv on in the back ground.  The last time three or more of use watched a show together with no other screens present was the “Greatest Jeopardy Championship”.  My wife and I watched all of the episodes and both kids sat in for a while as well.  I am also amazed by what they knew to answer questions and surprised by what they don’t.

Social Media…  Yea I can see this as a time suck.  I use it almost exclusively for business to get the message out there.  Some think I am on it constantly, but it is all automated.  I seldom do anything directly on social media.  But, I know some who can’t stay away from it for 5 minutes.

But everyone needs to find their own way to unwind. As long as there is a balance between work, business and life, what does it matter what you do to unwind.  So long as it is legal.



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